Love is the greatest value that is demonstrated through giving and laying our lives down for our God and for people. It is the preeminent value upon which all others rest.


Nothing is impossible with God. Faith is love spoken and demonstrated through wisdom in action. It trusts God’s word, takes risk and is courageous as it faces difficulty, pain, obstacles and challenges with bravery and without fear.


We value and esteem all people and authority through our actions and words by recognizing the price our Savior paid to have relationship with them. We honor the limits and boundaries of their responsibilities and abilities as well as our own.

Presence of God

God’s presence is the preeminent focus of our pursuit.


This is the quality of mind or spirit that enables a person to face difficulty, pain or danger bravely without fear. We value those who courageously embrace the cross and rise in a newness of life to dream of the kingdom as it flows through their life and who will take risks to advance the kingdom through the exercise of their faith in Christ.


Everything we do is based upon the Word of God and it is the ultimate standard for truth.


Integrity refers to the adherence to moral and ethical principles. In nautical terms it refers to a hull that is watertight. Therefore we endeavor to develop Christ-like character and display that in our ministries, businesses and personal lives.


There is an exponential increase in giftings and anointings when we bring them together to form a team.

Servant Leadership

Everyone influences someone therefore each one needs to be prepared to lead. Leadership is the instance or act of giving guidance or direction. In the kingdom servant leadership is the standard. You cannot lead where you do not go therefore a true leader must always be first leading by example in character, deed, word, and action. The servant leader is teachable, always learning, willing to take the initiative when the objective is identified, the risks assessed, and a strategy developed with wisdom based upon God’s love and the advancement of His kingdom.