Prayer Targets 


1. Let us pray for the peace and security of Christians for the end of riots and anti-Christian attacks in the state of Manipur...

2. In the state of Tamil Nadu, 7 fishing families of Pumbukar village of Mailadu Dorai Serkali mandal have been exiled from the village by the village elders for some years and have been hanged from meeting with anyone. Let us pray for justice for them..

3. Let us pray for religious harmony and unity in the country...

4. The United States Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF) has said for the 4th time in a row that conditions for religious freedom in India are deteriorating. 


1. The problem of unemployment in our country has increased to 8.11 percent in this month of April. Many companies are preparing to lay off their employees. Let us pray for the reduction of the problem of unemployment.'s%20unemployment%20rate%20increased%20in,per%20cent%20in%20January% 202023

2. Growth in India's core industries fell to a five-month low of 3.6% in March 2023. Economic growth of the country will be damaged due to decline in industrial growth. So let us pray for the growth of industries in the country. 


1. Let us pray for the country's leaders and officials.

2. According to the 2021 crime rate per lakh people in the country, theft is at the first place at 42.9 percent, crimes against children are at the second place at 33.6 percent, and atyasara is at 4.8 percent.

3. As the tenure of the government of Mizoram, Chattisgarh and Telangana states ends in December, let us pray that the elections there will be held in an atmosphere of peace.


1. Kashmir Despatch reports that the divorce rate has increased in the country. Our country has the lowest divorce rate in the world so far. But let us pray that the increasing family problems and mistrust between husband and wife will decrease 

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2. Surveys show that 30 percent of 18-year-old children do not obey their parents. Let us pray that the children will continue to have good relations with their parents.

3. Let us pray that alcohol, which is destroying the family system, will be banned in the rest of the states as it has been banned in Bihar, Gujarat, Mizoram and Nagaland.


1. According to National Health Profile there are only 0.9 hospital beds per thousand people in the country. According to WHO there should be 1:1000 government doctor patient ratio. But in our country it is 1:11000. Let us pray for the increase of government hospitals in the country 



1. A report found that 77% of government school students are unable to solve the most common division problems. While there were 15,18,160 schools in 2014, in 2022 they have decreased to 14,08,115 due to unavoidable reasons. Let us pray that the standards of education in our country will rise 

2. New education policy introduced by central government. Let's pray that the students will not suffer because of it and it will be good for the students.

3. Let's pray for governments to provide non-discriminatory education. According to Human Rights Watch, two out of every five students are excluded from primary education due to discrimination. 

4. Let us pray that the Center allocates more budget for the welfare of future generations.


1. Let us pray for our nation's media to be bold and impartial in presenting the truth to the public.

2. Freedom of press in our country is deteriorating day by day. According to the World Press Freedom Index 2023, the level of press freedom of our country has fallen to 161 out of 180 countries. 


1. Let us pray that the riots against Christians in Jerusalem, which is a holy place for Christians, will stop and that the Christian pilgrims will be safe. 


1. Our brothers Pastor Lakkavarapu Moshe got stunts in his heart. Let us pray for them.

2. Our brothers, Pastor Rokkala Prasad, are in the construction of the mandir. Let us pray for the quick completion of the temple construction.

3. Everyone pray for service for every servant.